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Beef tartare or steak tartare is a dish known for being prepared from raw meat. Its name comes from the fact that it is usually cut into large pieces with a grinder or cut into small pieces with a knife, as the Tatars do. It is one of the most popular dishes in France. Why is it so popular?

What is beef tartar?

The consumption of raw food is present in many countries, whether it is fruits, vegetables or meat. For lovers of red meat, it was democratized in the second part of the 19th century, especially in France. The mythical dish is created with beef. Its name derives from that of the nomadic people of Central Asia, in the Middle Ages, called the Tatars or Tartars.

The recipe is inspired by the habits of these steppe tribes to eat raw meat. It can be found in almost every good brasserie in France. The dish is often accompanied by home fries, but remains appetizing with only the egg yolk on top.

Eating beef tartare in France

Whether in a restaurant or at home, beef tartare is popular with raw meat lovers in France. As there is no high quality fish to prepare sushi like the Japanese, or some people are not used to eating raw fish, they turn to beef steak. Beef steak is a very popular dish because of the unique flavor of the raw meat and its perfect seasoning.

One might think that eating raw ground beef is not very healthy. Meat is likely to contain many unhealthy bacteria. But tartare is made with sterile muscle interior, which is not likely to retain these microorganisms. What’s more, the addition of certain condiments such as salt and vinegar during preparation helps form a kind of barrier that prevents their proliferation.

How to prepare a particularly healthy beef tartar ?

Beef tartare has many benefits for its consumers. It contains a lot of protein and iron, which is easily digested by the body. To prepare it, start by choosing a good quality meat. It is advisable, but not mandatory, to remove the thin layer on the surface of the meat to ensure that you are using a completely healthy, bacteria-free piece.

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