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I am text bWho doesn’t know April Fools’ Day? It’s the day when everyone plays pranks on each other and is fooled by different kinds of hoaxes. Some people even get paper fish stuck on their backs. But where exactly does this tradition come from?

The Origine the most known of the April Fools’ Day

On August 9, 1564, King Charles IX made the decision to establish January 1 as New Year’s Day. The problem was based on the fact that the year begins at that time at Christmas, Easter, or March 25 for some French regions where the holidays extend until April 1. This reform which was named Edict of Roussillon was adopted by all Christian countries under the recommendation of Pope Gregory XIII. However, many people found it difficult to get used to it.

In some cases, people were not even aware of this calendar change. They continued to give gifts and presents to each other on the first day of April. And that’s when the jokes started. Some jokers had the idea to give special gifts or even fake presents to make fun of these people. According to what is said, it is from that moment that, young and old have taken the habit of making jokes on this date.

Some variations of April Fool’s Day

In France, the name “Poisson d’avril” would have found its origin from the fact that the fishermen see themselves hanging a dead herring in the back at the beginning of April. Indeed, at that time, fishing was forbidden because of the fish breeding season. Over time, the dead herring was replaced by a paper fish. This joke continues until today where people walk around with a paper fish on their back all day without knowing it.

In Belgium, young people and adults play the same paper fish jokes on each other. The press takes part in it by spreading false information while remaining credible. Politicians also take part in it. In the United States and the United Kingdom, they call it “April Fool’s Day”. They don’t stick papers on each other’s backs, but instead have the whole morning to fool each other. Life returns to normal in the afternoon.

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