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What are the taboo subjects in France and why?

The French are used to discussing everything and anything between them such as their weekend activity, their favorite sport, their favorite meal, etc. But if you want to learn about French culture, you should already start by knowing that there are some rather sensitive subjects that the French prefer not to discuss. Discover in the following article the taboo subjects of the French culture.


The question of remuneration is often difficult to discuss between colleagues. It is a very sensitive subject that the French do not like to discuss. A survey was even conducted by the job board platform Regionsjob which revealed that 83% of French people do not like to talk about salary issues.

Similarly, 72% of the respondents have no idea what their manager’s salary is and 50% of them do not know how much their colleagues receive. The reasons for this are simple. Some simply don’t know because they don’t want to be jealous of their colleagues or because they don’t want to offend them.

For others, not talking about compensation issues is a way to avoid a feeling of injustice. Moreover, one of the reasons why compensation is a taboo issue is that in French culture, not everyone has the same perception of money.


Discussions on the subject of politics are very much avoided in France, especially when it comes to exchanges between office colleagues. Indeed, the French consider the issue of politics as a paradoxical subject. This is simply because many of them do not dare to talk about it for fear of being judged or insulted.

To better understand this state of affairs, the website conducted a study which revealed that 70% of French people prefer to keep their opinions about politics to themselves in front of their colleagues. The 95% of the French consider that keeping silent about political opinions favors more collaboration with colleagues of different political sensibilities.


The issue of religion is not a very tolerated topic in French culture, especially among colleagues. Despite the fact that in the private sector employees have the right to expose their religious beliefs, the French prefer to avoid the subject for better collaboration.

As a reminder, France has made the option of secularism. As a result, there is no state religion.


Although the French talk openly about sexuality between strangers, when it comes to the family circle, this subject becomes delicate. Even within a couple, it is a difficult question to discuss because of its sensitivity.

Thus, 37% of French people find that in the French culture, sexuality is the most delicate subject to discuss in the family. But this does not prevent parents from assuming their responsibility when their child’s integrity is affected.

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about French culture, you should know that there are many other subjects that are avoided and are part of the taboo subjects. These include death, illness, divorce and relationships.

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