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Should we say chocolatine or pain au chocolat? That’s the question everyone keeps asking!

You certainly love this pastry made with puff pastry and chocolate! But what should you ask for, a pain au chocolat or a chocolatine? We think we have finally found an answer to this question!

What are the differences between chocolatine and pain au chocolat?


The debate between pain au chocolat and chocolatine is raging in France. The debate on the name of this delicious chocolate-filled pastry occupies all social networks and literally divides the country!

But what are the differences between the two? The word chocolatine, which exists in the Larousse dictionary, is mostly used in the southwest of France.

Canadians also call this pastry chocolatine. Bread with chocolate exists in the north, center and southeast of France;

Most French people use “pain au chocolat”. There is also another name in Belgium: Couque au chocolat!


Pain au chocolat VS chocolatine, which is the oldest?

The term “pain au chocolat” first appeared in the 19th century. For a long time, this pastry was prepared with brioche dough and chocolate. Several other recipes exist, notably in Austria and Germany (Kipferl and Schokoladencroissant).

Some people think that the word “chocolatine” is of English origin and that it is a linguistic deformation of “Chocolate-in”. But what is the most appropriate technical term?

Many traditional French pastries use “pain au chocolat”, however, culinary experts agree that the more accurate term is “chocolatine”. Indeed, this pastry is not made with bread dough.

In short, the Chocolatine VS Pain au chocolat debate is an eternal one! What about you? Which name do you prefer?

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