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The term “bobo chic” or “bohemian bobos” is made famous by the American journalist David Brooks. In his book entitled: “Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There”, he describes a bobo chic as a well-to-do person who replaces the yuppies of the 80s. The term was later attached to bohemians and has become common in the French language.

The nature of the bobo chic

The bobo chic is a person who can be classified in the bourgeois category. He is not very rich, but this does not mean that he is poor. We can assimilate him to the middle class that exists today. By its name, the bobos like to live in an urban environment and have an individualistic character.

He is conformed to the rules with refined tastes and a little disorder sometimes. But contrary to the bohemians, he has a consequent purchasing power and his words are often accepted by the society. But his idealism can sometimes play tricks on him and those close to him classify him as an unattractive person.

The social life of bohemian bobos

Even if they have a refined taste, the chic bobos do not like luxury. They consider it useless and think that the bourgeois are too strict and display their wealth too much. They have a casual temperament and accept social difference at their own limits. He can be described as social, because he knows what the words tolerance and solidarity mean.

He always has this idea of reuniting the society so that a peaceful environment is born. In everyday life, you can count on him. But if your words go against his nature, he will present you with a completely different character that may make you think he is another person.

The political opinion of bohemian bobos

Bohemian bobos always lean towards the political left side. That is, they like to act for the environment and the ecology of our planet. It is not uncommon to meet them at green events. That’s where you’ll meet most of these unusual characters.

Some political experts describe the attitude of the bobos as a chronic disease of socialism. They may be right, but on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with doing something for nature. However, they are abandoning the salary, employment, and other aspects for ecology.

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