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It’s an international language

French is the fifth most spoken international language in the world and the second most taught after English on the five continents. With over 300 million speakers worldwide – there are more than 68 states and governments that are French-speaking. On the other hand, in many international institutions, it is the second official language used to communicate at the UN, UNESCO, European Union and many others. All this to tell you that no matter where you decide to travel abroad, be sure that you will not risk being misunderstood if you speak French.

It’s an easy language to learn

Another reason that can lead to learning French is that it is not difficult. There are grammatical rules, but the conjugations are easy to learn and even if you conjugate in the wrong time, you can still be understood by the listener. That said, the language of Molière still requires precision. But this language is so rich that you can express yourself with as many words and as many nuances as possible.

French facilitates the learning of other languages

If you want to learn other foreign languages, start with the French language and the rest will be easier to master. It opens the way to easier learning of other languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian. If you notice, there is a similarity between the composition of these languages ​​and that of French. 50% of the vocabulary in these languages ​​has similarities with French.

To visit France

Yes, France is one of the best destinations in the world, not only for a language stay, but for other types of travel: tourism, business, vacation, etc. There is so much to discover in France: historical monuments and world-class sites (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc.), authentic cuisine and gastronomy (typical French dishes, wine, chocolate, cheese, etc. ), fashion (the various fashion events, the chic boutiques that have made the city of Paris famous…), theatre, culture, festivities and many others. Learning French will allow you to visit France without difficulty.

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